Our services

vb&t Project Management focuses on managing the entire development and construction process. We determine the parameters and/or verify them with the client to monitor progress. We follow that by meticulously mapping the risks and the consequences for time and costs so that is clear right from the start what the challenges and consequences of the various parameters are.

The project organisation is also decided upon jointly. This includes a transparent description of the duties and responsibilities of the various parties. The project organisation forms the basis for the project and to a large extent determines its success.

Process and project management

Our team has extensive expertise in the development and realization/renovation of buildings in which various functions are housed. In addition, we have experience in all forms of tendering from a traditional tender to the most diverse integrated forms of cooperation such as a Construction Team or Design Construct.

Our vision with regard to the entire development and construction process for the project involves discussing the project approach, organization and communication, planning, cost and risk management.

Our drive is that there is always room for improvement! So we always look for the right balance of time, money and quality.

Cost management

For us, it goes without saying that, in addition to the investment costs, the operating and management costs of the project are of course of paramount importance for the success of the project. After all, the goal of the project is also to be able to exploit the project in a technically and financially responsible manner after completion.

Housing advice

We advise on the preparation of a strategic real estate plan, integral housing plan or sustainability advice and have extensive experience in drawing up a Program of Requirements. We can also carry out a location and/or accommodation survey for you.

In conjunction with clients, contractors, fitters and stakeholders, we ensure smooth completion of the built environment. We furthermore provide support through a number of specific products:

  • Feasibility reports
  • NEN2580 measurement reports
  • Architectural inspection reports
  • Design Briefs
  • Housing advice
  • Technical due diligence reports

This is our strength

Because vb&t has everything under one roof, we can relieve you of all the work and your concerns. Our various business units know where to find each other easily and coordinate their activities carefully. You can be sure of fast, smooth progress and of the best advice.

What is even more important is our firm belief that real estate is there to serve people and that people should therefore be at the heart of everything we do. You will discover that vb&t is a committed partner looking for a pleasant, long-term relationship.